This Is How It (Comes) and Goes

Last night we saw the new Neil LaBute play, This Is How It Goes at the New York Public Theater. Ben Stiller, Amanda Peet, and Jeffrey Wright were in it. It was good, but personally, we like The Shape of Things better.

Ben Stiller was adequate as “Man”, but our friend told us something nasty about him about 5 minutes before the play started, so we weren’t really in a state to be subjective about his performance. Although we don’t hate Amanda Peet, we’ve never been bowled over by any of her performances. Even though we loved “Jack & Jill” we were watching it more for Serge, sorry Mandy. Anyway, we could tell that Peet wasn’t really a stage actress b/c of the strained tone of her voice. It sound like she was trying to project…but just way too hard. Although she had some very good moments, for the most part she seemed a bit hollow. Too much like an actress playing a woman whose life is less than satisfying, rather than being that woman. Jeffrey Wright gave a wonderful performance, despite fighting off a cold.

The play is about racism, betrayal, and perception and is performed in the round. Go ahead at get cultured. It’s currently in previews.

But what’s a play-going experience w/out some cele-spotting: Rachel Weisz (with shortly cropped hair) was in the audience…and we also spied Famke Janssen upstairs on the third floor for some sort of “Young Donors” party–basically where they let all the rich kids feel like they’re part of something special by throwing them a party with open bar.