Blizzard 2005–We All Might Just Die!

We love how all the news outlets over-hype any time New York City has snow. If there is more than three inches it becomes “Blizzard 2005” or “Storm Watch 2005” and they show b-roll footage of people going to Home Depot and purchasing loads of salt and shovels, or people going to the supermarkets and their video rental place and stocking up for the weekend. Last time we checked, it was just snow, not the apocalypse.

Last night Mike threw us in the snow 3 times and kicked the white stuff in our face, so we’re fully supporting any random snowball attacks anyone may want to take out on him. Not that we’re suggesting that you do it, but if it just kinda happens…

Brief Note about Some of the Most Recent Buzz Bands

Hold on now, I'll GIVE you more cowbell when I get around to it!

Ok, so last week we saw the hotly tipped band, the Kaiser Chiefs at the Tribeca Grand (above). All in all, we weren’t totally blown away by their songs. Peformance energy was fantastic though. Lead singer Ricky Wilson sure knows how to jump around–he sprung into towering leaps at almost any opportunity he could, and even climbed up top the drum kit a couple times. Best songs were opener “Na Na Na Na Naa” and the hit single, “I Predict a Riot.” We also got a pretty cool pin. But unfortunately, they failed to meet all the hyped upon hype…

…unlike The Futureheads, who we love love love. If you’ve been living under a rock or something, you know by now that we totally dig these XTC-influenced Brit rockers–whether they’re singing “Man Ray” or a cover of Kate Bush’s “Hounds of Love” (catch the awesome video right here–it features tree hollering and cute as can be doggies). Anyway, you must check them out at Bowery Ballroom on February 22. The show is sold out online, so give a ring to the Mercury Lounge and see if there are any tickets left. If not, good luck selling your soul.

We recently got a listen to a Chicago-bred band named The Redwalls who we could have sworn were British based upon their shaggy hair and spiffy dress-up in suits for their promo shots. Think young, tailored Mick Jagger. Speaking of Mick Jagger, The Redwalls do sound a bit like the Rolling Stones, meets The Beatles, meets Bob Dylan. (Not suprisingly, the group started off as a Beatles cover band.) Interestingly enough, their songs are pretty good making us think that these young squires could potentially be a band to watch. Unless their fanbase is a bunch of 14-year-old girls who like them just ’cause their cute or they heard them on the OC–then we’d have to reconsider. Check ’em out on Feb 2 at Hammerstein Ballroom with The Zutons and Keane or on Feb 8 at the Mercury Lounge.

While we’re on new-ish bands, we’d like to take a moment out to mention that you can now view the video for “Free Salute” by Little Barrie.

Huge In Germany

Adam Green MagazineWe’re not sure if you realized this, but Adam Green is positively massive in Germany. Apparently Germans can’t get enough of this brown-haired Jew. So much so that Adam Green is meeting the public’s demands by up-ing the release of his book, Adam Green Magazine, by a week and is being published today.

The Adam Green Magazine is a compilation of some of his previous released zines (from 2001-2004) in a 128-page book form. The text is bilingual (English/German) and contains some of his collages (or are they just “collages of text”).

Also, check out the video for “Emily” which appears on Adam’s upcoming album, Gemstones.

Diamonds, Sights, Fever

The Fever at BoweryQueen is playing the Bowery Ballroom this Saturday. Oh shit–we’re sorry, it’s not Queen, it’s The Fever. Same difference.

We’re going to recommend you see this show because it’s a suprisingly awesome rock ‘n’ roll bill, with support by Diamond Nights and everyone’s favorite band from Detroit that’s not the White Stripes or The Von Bondies, The Sights. Their new album is HOT!