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Riding on the F train down from Midtown (where we had just seen the new Woody Allen movie), we watched the clock carefully. We were supposed to be at the Lansing-Dreiden/Diamond Nights Delancey show at 9pm, which was only 25 minutes away. We were looking through the windows of the subway doors around the 20s when we spotted a pale person with big dark-rimmed glasses.

“Is that…? No, it couldn’t be!” we told ourselves. The person stepped in and walked the end of the subway car, standing in front of a subway door on the opposite side. We peered over curiously, to see if it was who we thought it was. The person was wearing straight legged blue jeans, black shoes, and a generic active wear black water-resistant winter jacket with the hood pulled over. We continued to crane our necks, when we saw the person pull down their hood and reveal a mane of white-blond hair.

“Ahhh!!!,” we shouted to ourselves. “It’s AUSTIN SCARLETT from ‘Project Runway‘!” For a split second we were ready to jump up to him and say something, but we controlled ourselves–we didn’t know what stop he was getting off at. How embarrassing would that be to run up to someone and tell them that you were so excited to see them and then stand there for 5 awkward subway stops with probably everyone looking at the both of you like you were freaks. So we sat in our seat and planned to say something to him like, “I love your work!” if he happened to get off at the same stop.

But alas, he did not do so. Around 8:40 he got off at the West 4th Street station.

We had to wonder if Austin was in New York City getting ready for Fall Fashion Week. Is he be one of the 3 Project Runway finalists to show their collection? Hmmmm…

We know we haven’t mentioned it before, but we watch “Project Runway” every week on a religious basis. So we were pretty stoked to see Austin. We haven’t been this excited since we saw Yoanna from “America’s Next Top Model” on the N/R line!

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  1. AAAAhhhh! i’ve been hoping to see him around town! He looks so familiar so i can’t figure out if i know him from college or from around town. He’s an amazing designer. I think the last three are gonna be him, jay and kara saun.

  2. I love him too! And two weeks ago I was in Citerella on 6th ave and he was in line in front of me (and yes, of course I looked at what he was buying…oranges, lots of green produce-type things, and a block of cheese) and I said to him, “I love your designs and the whole show” and he goes, “Oh thanks! But don’t ask me makes the final three…I won’t tell you” It was so great. And he has the skinniest legs I’ve ever seen, and he was wearing one of those Russianesque fur hats too. I agree that I think the final three should be Kara Saun, Jay and Austin.

  3. I don’t mean to scare you guys, but have you seen the pictures of fashion week?? It looks like there are two strong designers and one crappy one for Project Runway. I fear the worst. I agree that the three should be Austin, Jay and Kara Saun…but looking at those designs, it looks like Jay, Austin and WENDY!!! WTF!! She is the most boring designer on that show. Her designs are hideous and i dont know how she is still on this show…GGRRRR.. I was voting for Kara Saun

  4. Spoiler if you havent seen the pictures. Kara Saun is not one of the three finalists on project runway. Wendy Pepper actually made it to the finals!! how does that happen?! I am outraged!!!

  5. I would do anything to be in line behind Austin Scarlett at Citarella. (sigh). Not only would I talk to him, but drag him shopping and beg him to design everything I touch. He makes me think about the good, early days of art school, when everything was new and old and wide open. Austin is the greatest designer working right now, and a constant inspiration.

  6. OMG! I am so outraged that Austin Scarlett did not make it to the final 3. In my opinion, his designs were consistenly stronger than that of Wendy Pepper. She even said that she never thought she would make it to the final three. I feel that she doesn’t deserve this position and that Austin is a much better candidate. However, the world must go on. If what we think is true, than Austin will prevail as a great designer with help from the exposure he had on project runway. Wendy needs to learn how to design first…then, perhaps, she has a shot at rivaling the designs of other brilliant designers on the show.

  7. Austin got cut because of how they set the competition up. They didn’t have any sort of cumulative componant in the judging, so Wendy’s slate was clean. She also designed exactly what the woman asked for. Austin is very young and will still make it big. I’ll be surprised if he doesn’t have his own line a year from now. He’ll get great publicity because all the talk shows will want to see his work.

  8. Austin IS an amazing designer and an amazing person as well. He was my first boyfriend in 7th grade….and has always been just as nice, humble, and gracious. I’ve been watching Project Runway from the start and adore the show. I was disappointed and saddened to see that he is not going to make it to the finals. I had believed Austin, Kara, and Jay were the top three. I do believe he will have his own line and he absolutely deserves it.


  9. Incase you don’t know already Austin did get a runway show at fashionweek. If you search the net you’ll find pictures of his line, Kara’s, Jay’s and Wendys. So for whatever reason they decided not to cut Austin.
    Just thought you’d like to know.

  10. I think that Austin is a wonderful, fun and classy designer and would love to find a way to contact him, because I am seriously considering him designing my wedding dress, so if anyone has an idea as to how I can contact him, I would love to be in contact with him.

  11. It broke my heart when they cut Austin… I fell in love with him the first time I heard him say “Glamour”… if anyone can bring back the days when a woman can be proud to dress and act like a lady it is Austin Scarlet. He has this wonderful sense of reverence for what makes women feel beautiful and never fails to create designs that flatter.
    Tammy in Texas

  12. It broke my heart when they cut Austin… I fell in love with him the first time I heard him say “Glamour”… if anyone can bring back the days when a woman can be proud to dress and act like a lady it is Austin Scarlet. He has this wonderful sense of reverence for what makes women feel beautiful and never fails to create designs that flatter.
    Tammy in Texas

  13. AUSTIN SCARLET IS THE BEST! How the hell did Wendy make it through, I hated all of her clothes. I even had Austin in my dreams! He is an amazing talent and I hope he keeps on truckin. Austin you are the best, keep your head up and never change for anybody, you are perfect the way you are and your designs will be seen to the world I am sure of that!!!! I can’t wait to by an Austin Scarlet. Love ya…Kelly in NJ or

  14. Ahhh, I love Austin as well. I miss Jay( bird) and Kara Saun. I need my dose. How am I gonna make it without them??

  15. I love Austin to death his dresses are like the most beautful things I have ever seen besides well cute guys. Anyways project runway let Austin have his own little what they called decoy fashion show since it was so bloody good check it out on

  16. Austin Scarlet got cut from winning anything from Project Runway yes BUT they had a clip on the website that you weren’t suposed to see. He actually did go to fashion week and had a line of his own it was something like American timeline or something like htat but at first I was lie Omg Austin what have you done but it gradually got better it was AWESOME!! I cried the music he chose made me cry along with his designs! You should check it out sometime!!

  17. The other day my wife & I came accross Project Runway for the first time. Luckily, we were able to catch up on all the shows due to the marathon that was playing all day. The show is brilliant! I was impressed by a number of things including the wonderful creations & the talented people behind the designs. I was also impressed because, unlike many other “reality TV series'”, there is a true sense of professionalism & honesty to this show. The judges, hosts & for the most part competitors(less a couple of unnamed ladies) seemed very real & constructivley critical. The show is a breath of fresh air even for a 30 year old heterosexual man with little fashion sense. I really can’t say enough about the great people I have gotten to know in this series. It is obvious that we all feel an injustice had been served when Austin lost the challenge. As one earlier commentor said in so many words…”He is young & will succeed assuredly”. One thing though, as a straight male, i could’nt help but comment to my wife, who agreed that…Austin is a very pretty looking man. Somthing about his appearance & mannerism makes him delightfully attractive.
    Go Jay!!

  18. Austin!!!! Yay!

    The show’s only just getting aired in the UK. I can’t believe they sent him off!!!!! Gah!!!! Die Wendy, die!!!!

  19. I ended up watching the whole series because Bravo was doing a marathon and I saw his Banana Republic dress. I can understand why he wants everything to be beautiful and he does an amazing job. Oh I wish I had a lot of money so I could hire him as apersonal designer!! I’ve also never seen someone so breath takingly beautiful before. He instantly reminded me of Rei Kashino from Mars.

  20. Does anyone know how to contact Mr. Scarlet to find out how to purchase a dress from him ? His blue and lavender gown from the show was so wonderful, I’d love to buy one.

    Thanks !!!


  21. Stop the fur madness! It is unnecessary and truly mean!!!

    It only is a reminder of selfishness and death!


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