Drew’s Getting Married…In the Press

Drew Barrymore recently spotted checking out wedding gowns with a friend. She must be getting married to long-time boyfrined Fabrizio Moretti! Our spies also told us they saw her checking out bags of white rice at the supermarket, so it must be totally true.

UPDATE: A Gawker-savvy reader reports that the unidentified friend that Drew was checking out dresses with was Juliet Joslin–a.k.a. “The Woman Engaged to Julian Casablancas.” This new revelation puts a 2:1 odds on a Joslin-Casablancas marriage as opposed to the rapidly slipping 10:1 odds on a Barrymore-Moretti aisle walk.

9 Replies to “Drew’s Getting Married…In the Press”

  1. Julian and Juliet had a major fight at some party for Catherine Pierce’s band the other night. Catherine dates Albert.

    The wedding was suppose to take place next month but it has been pushed back to the spring.

    I still say Fab and Drew are more likely to unite in wedlock than Julian and Juliet. Julian also has been seen around with girls. Fab is faithful. Stay tuned.

  2. julian…julian……julian………..why do u have to be soooooo hot???
    and for the wife………..ur sooo lucky……….hope u guys have hot kids!!
    🙂 laters hottie

  3. why the fuck did he get married… like doesn’t he know how many girls wanna get with him A.K.A me! I’de do anything to tap that… he’s like amazing and no joke my perfect match. There is no way he’s faithful to her… she was the one who was obsessed with him all those years of being their second manager… he must have felt pressured or just wanted to selt down and she seemed most reasonable cuz she’s with the band all the time… and its weird how there are no pictures of them what so ever as a couple…. he’s in love with his band mates and i’m in love with him….to be honest i don’t think he loves her as much as she loves him.. so why the fuck are they together…when theres me out here dying to be in the guys presence?

  4. I also find it very interesting that you can’t find any pictures of them together on the internet, or anywhere for that matter. Why not? I don’t even know what she looks like other than 2 pictures which I have managed to find and are not that great by the way.

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