Keep It Safe

We just wanted to say that we’ve been totally freaked out by the murder of Nicole duFresne near the corner of Clinton and Rivington on Wednesday night/Thursday morning. Especially because we were at that intersection a mere hour or two before the incident occured. It’s totally not awesome. Please everyone, be safe out there!

Everyone Has Their Limits

Even super-partying supermodel Kate Moss. Reports MSN Gossip: “They said it wouldn’t last … and they were right. Kate Moss, 31, and musician Pete Doherty, 25, are kaput after less than two weeks of togetherness. The London Sun reports the supermodel dumped the former Libertines frontman by text message. “He’s just too wild,” Moss was quoted as telling a friend of the self-confessed drug addict. “I can’t take any more of it.” The breakup comes just days after Doherty told ITV’s Orange Playlist, “… I’ve really found love with Kate. I think it will last.” No word on what Doherty plans to do with the ‘K’ he prematurely inked on his arm in Kate’s honor”

Project Subway

Riding on the F train down from Midtown (where we had just seen the new Woody Allen movie), we watched the clock carefully. We were supposed to be at the Lansing-Dreiden/Diamond Nights Delancey show at 9pm, which was only 25 minutes away. We were looking through the windows of the subway doors around the 20s when we spotted a pale person with big dark-rimmed glasses.

“Is that…? No, it couldn’t be!” we told ourselves. The person stepped in and walked the end of the subway car, standing in front of a subway door on the opposite side. We peered over curiously, to see if it was who we thought it was. The person was wearing straight legged blue jeans, black shoes, and a generic active wear black water-resistant winter jacket with the hood pulled over. We continued to crane our necks, when we saw the person pull down their hood and reveal a mane of white-blond hair.

“Ahhh!!!,” we shouted to ourselves. “It’s AUSTIN SCARLETT from ‘Project Runway‘!” For a split second we were ready to jump up to him and say something, but we controlled ourselves–we didn’t know what stop he was getting off at. How embarrassing would that be to run up to someone and tell them that you were so excited to see them and then stand there for 5 awkward subway stops with probably everyone looking at the both of you like you were freaks. So we sat in our seat and planned to say something to him like, “I love your work!” if he happened to get off at the same stop.

But alas, he did not do so. Around 8:40 he got off at the West 4th Street station.

We had to wonder if Austin was in New York City getting ready for Fall Fashion Week. Is he be one of the 3 Project Runway finalists to show their collection? Hmmmm…

We know we haven’t mentioned it before, but we watch “Project Runway” every week on a religious basis. So we were pretty stoked to see Austin. We haven’t been this excited since we saw Yoanna from “America’s Next Top Model” on the N/R line!

Drew’s Getting Married…In the Press

Drew Barrymore recently spotted checking out wedding gowns with a friend. She must be getting married to long-time boyfrined Fabrizio Moretti! Our spies also told us they saw her checking out bags of white rice at the supermarket, so it must be totally true.

UPDATE: A Gawker-savvy reader reports that the unidentified friend that Drew was checking out dresses with was Juliet Joslin–a.k.a. “The Woman Engaged to Julian Casablancas.” This new revelation puts a 2:1 odds on a Joslin-Casablancas marriage as opposed to the rapidly slipping 10:1 odds on a Barrymore-Moretti aisle walk.

Video Killed the Radio Star

Check out the new video for “Daft Punk Is Playing at My House” on the new LCD Soundsystem Web site.

The song is perfectly dancable, but shouldn’t we be pissed off that video director Chris Cairns’s “homage” to Michel Gondry’s “Around the World” video for Daft Punk borders on non-ironic imitation?

Also view the new Internet-only video by Mumbleboy for Beck’s new album, Guero. The song is called “Ghettochip Malfunction” and is the “8-bit” remix of “Hell Yes”. It’s from a 4 song remix EP that will be available on digital outlets on the 1st of February. [ASX | RAM]

Charlotte Hatherley 'Bastardo' video.

And here’s one more since you’ve been so good: The new Charlotte “I Was In Ash” “I Pulled a Beyonce” Hatherley video for “Bastardo.” Starring David Walliams (Little Britain), Simon Pegg (Shaun of the Dead, Spaced), Julia Davies (Nighty Night), Alice Lowe (Garth Marenghi’s Dark Place), Lucy Davis (The Office) and Lauren Laverne (XFM). Illustrations by the 2000AD team. It’s like Sassy and Betty & Veronica come to life. [56k | Broadband]

Good Music, Good Cause

Sarah Flynn of SpinART Records and Impose Magazine has been in the hospital since November with Wegener’s Granulomatosis. On January 25, there will be a benefit show at Rothko for Sarah.

Tuesday, January 25
A Special Benefit Show For Sarah Flynn Of spinART Records:
Ted Leo 11:30 PM
Benzos 10:30 PM
The Head Set 9:30 PM
Apollo Sunshine 8:30 PM
Chinese Stars 7:30 PM
Guest DJ James Murphy of DFA

Rothko, 116 Suffolk St., NY, NY

Doors 7:00 PM, $15, tickets available now on Ticketweb.

Also, PayPal donations can be sent to

The Sights from Last Night

The Sights at Bowery Ballroom

The Sights rocked the snowballs off of Bowery Ballroom last night. The Detroit rockers had lots of energy and mid-way through their set the ground floor turned into something like American Bandstand, with about 10-20 people dancing (some with partners!) along to the music. Awesome! Our favorite song of the night was “Scratch My Name in Sin.”