H&M Stands for Horrible & Mundane

A face only a fashionista and a gay man could love

Today we checked out the much hyped about new Karl Lagerfeld wares at H&M on 34th Street. The verdict? Big fat stinking snooze fest. We’re so disappointed Karl.

Most of the line was comprised of boxy black items. One $100+ sequined jacket looked promising as we viewed it from afar on the mannequin, but then when we got up closer we realized it resembled a vintage 80s blazer (read: wide shoulders) attacked by a BeDazzler. We thought we’d already done 80s Retro last year.

Boring black and white tuxedo shirts were lined up against horrible-looking mauve and black sheer silk tent dresses. Even the simple black slip dress that appeared in the collection was pretty horrendous. A hideous maroon mock turtleneck with an orange detail around the color looked like something your Midwestern mom would wear to a book club meeting.

The only relatively cool thing was a black chapeau that had a wool-knit cap over the head piece.

In short, the overpriced H&M line (a poorly cut knee-length black silk and acetate skirt with back pleats and round button closure was something like $50!) is a total waste of your hard-earned money.

Be strong, dear reader. The initial “designer for less” high you may receive after purchasing an item from this specialty line will wear off. Do you really want to suffer the fashion concequences for a few minutes of cheap thrills? Spend your clams on some of the better designed items that appear in the store. You’ll be able to identify them by the lack of a Karl Lagerfeld for H&M label.

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  1. Disappointing, but then again it’s hard to meet the expectations set by the nonpareil design of Fendi’s iPod carrying case. Of course, you can always take solace in Todd Oldham’s line for La-Z-Boy.

    – beat royalty

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