8 Replies to “Kerry Concedes, Bush Wins 2nd Term”

  1. Only my fellow New Yorkers could be so short sited. Rudy, while he could win the Presidency, won’t get the nomination because the people who vote in the Republican primaries won’t nominate him, he’s too liberal. John McCain the most popular politican in America couldn’t get that party’s nomination. You don’t think he could have handed Gore and Kerry their asses? He could, but he bucks the party too much and they overwhelming nominated Bush. Similiarly, after Kerry, the Dems will not nominate an intellectual woman, sorry they won’t. They’ll nominate a white southern male in the Bill Clinton mold — Edwards will spend the next 4 years trying to fit that mold. I have some doubts if he can succeed in doing so myself.
    For now let’s all just try and focus on keeping some Nazi judge out the supreme court when Rhenquist dies.

  2. I voted for Kerry and I live in Texas.

    I never received my Voter registration card so I called the state and I happened to be registered, but in a different address zip code. Which means I had to drive 1 hour away from my house to vote at that particular precinct.

    At least I voted, that’s what counts.

  3. those are some good points van buren.
    but don’t you think there’s some possibility
    edwards will be hillary’s VP in ’08?

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