The Golden Boy Had a Golden Guitar

Sondre Lerche @ Bowery Ballroom

Sondre Lerche was part of a CMJ-Week Astralwerks showcase at the Bowery Ballroom. And of cours we had to attend in order to cheer our favorite blond Norwegian pop singer along.

As per usual, CMJ was running late, so he didn’t come on at the advertised show time of 10pm. Maybe it was 15-30 minutes later when he finally arrived on stage.

He came out wearing a plaid shirt, and “vintage”-style jeans. He also had a collection of beaded bracelets on his right hand. Perhaps a nod to the popular trend started by fashion-forward pre-schoolers around the world? After a few malfunctions with his mic stand, he started the show with “Track You Down” which he played on his beautiful golden-colored guitar. It was an instrument fit for Elvis during his Las Vegas era.

Other songs in the set included “Dead Passengers” (which he called the song that was almost “Faces Down”), “Two Way Monologue”, “Wet Ground”, “On the Tower”, “You Know So Well” (which we think he introduced as the song he’s played most at Bowery Ballroom), and “Days that Are Over”.

He surprised the crowd with a new song, which he did not give an official name for–simply intro-ing it by saying “Here’s a song you probably haven’t heard before.” The lyrics consisted of saying things like “I’d like to call it love” and we do remember he said something about a “turtledove”. It was basically a very cute song about how to know if you’re in love and/or what feels like. Very Gershwin-esque. The song structure was pretty sophisticated, with an interesting sounding bridge. It was a very pretty song, and we totally loved it.

Toward the end of his set, The Golden Republic came onstage and played as his backing band. It was the first time they were performing live together. They kicked out songs like “Virtue and Wine” (which Sondre said he never gets to play when he’s a one man show) and they ended with the traditional Sondre closer song, “Sleep on Needles”. They sounded pretty good together. We especially liked the drummer, who had a sharp, crisp playing style.

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