Be Quick and Get It Over With

it's blurry, we know

Before we forget, some basic stuff about the Ryan Adams show we went to on Oct 1. It was an ok show, there was no 15-minute rambling about his lover “water” but when the crazy lady who was sitting in the center section (you know, the one who got up after every song and did a dance) made it to the front of the stage to give Ryan a rose, he took it, thanked her for it and said, “I’m going to go home and give this to my boo.” Yes, Ryan Adams said the word “boo”.

He also talked about things like how he was up the night before smoking pot when he turned on the TV and what did he see? Ghostbusters. He continued to say stuff about how great of a movie Ghostbusters was. Ok…

it's the Prom KingHe sang the hits like “New York, New York”, “When the Stars Go Blue”, “Rescue Blues”, but he also sung one of our favorite songs off of Love Is Hell, “I See Monsters”, during the first encore. For the second encore he played “Wharf Rat” by the Greatful Dead…which lasted FOREVER. (Or was it the other way around?)

He did some songs just on the piano, some just him on the guitar, and the rockin’ ones with the full band.

The stage was dressed up like a high school prom, silver mylar baloons were lined up all along the back of the stage. The disco ball was activated. There was a large, round balloon on either side of the stage, and it was lit by the glow of the innertubed Christmas lights that ran along the piano frame and front microphone stand.

Midway through the set, Ryan said something to the lighting guy about turning the lights down… he obviously was still nursing a hangover… as he was wearing sunglasses indoors–with all lights out except the purple ones.

The guy in back of us was smoking pot.

He joined the opening band’s set under the moniker “Lazy Brown”. He wore a felt hat and his usual Canadian tuxedo. He wore a light blue button down shirt with something red on the right shoulder.

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