Calling All Fashionista-esque Readers

Ok, we have a DIRE need for one of these Lee Riot necklaces. We were looking through an old People magazine and saw a picture of Paris Hilton wearing one of these in “pink mirror” that said “AVAILABLE” and we just totally fell in love with it. Yes, this makes us extremely tacky, but we just loved the whole flea-market chic to it. So so ugly and so so wrong = right. But here’s the question: Why are these damn necklaces like 85 dollars? Can’t you get one of these made at like a keychain place in an actual flea market and/or boardwalk shop? It’s been a long time since we’ve been to either places, so we’re asking for your help. Where have you seen mirrored keychain/necklaces being made? We need one of these since yesterday. (UPDATE: We just did some research and found out these stupid things are apparently the “in” thing for chicks like Lindsay Lohan and all those LA “starlets.” Should we also get a Von Dutch hat and put on Ugg boots too? Well… thanks to New York Doll, we’ll probably be sporting a “CUNT” necklace instead. Thanks! But if you know about the mirrored stuff, we’re still interested. Email us at eic @

In other fashiony news, we saw Yoanna House (of “America’s Next Top Model”) get on our R train at the Prince Street station going uptown. She sat directly across from us and was wearing a red velour hoodie with a brown tshirt and charcol grey cords. On her feet were black Nikes and she had a black backpack on. She was with some totally Midwest looking normal non-fashiony dude with brown spikey hair and white sock and shoes (eek!!). Could it have been her brother?

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