Ok, first off, we signed on to Blogger to write about one thing, but we just have to say, Blogger just changed it’s entire format and we’re totally confused. CHANGE IS BAD! Why change?!?! What the fuck is this “dashboard” shit? Where the hell is the calendar? The “search” option? We can’t figure this out. We hate this bullshit. WHAT THE FUCK YOU FUCKERS!? We’re going to cry.

But now for the real reason of this post: WHAT IS WRONG WITH ALL YOU FUCKING “BLOGGERS”? Like seriously, you all go to Coachella and not one of you has the decency to post pictures of the ACTUAL BANDS! All we see are images of you and all your sweaty friends. Did they not let you bring cameras into the festival? We’re pretty sure that you could sneak ’em in last year no problem. Ah, whatever.

Another thing, we’re far too lazy to look into this, but we’re pretty sure last year we were totally into Avril Lavigne’s CD, Let Go. Good news: We’re totally back into it. God bless troubled teens.

Also playing today, Red Bedroom by The Fever.

Tomorrow SONDRE LERCHE PLAYS IRVING PLAZA. Holy crap! And then he also plays CONAN this week too. Joyous Norwegian Blond Wonder. Please attend and watch accordingly.

We also have narcolepsy.