White Stripe Dresses Fellow Detroit Rocker in Black and Blue

Holy CRAP! Jack sure packs a mean punch! Images taken of Jason Stollsteimer after being released from Detroit Receiving Hospital reveal the kind of ass-kicking Jack is capable of. This is all getting a little bit too Tommy and Pam for us. No one from the White Stripe camp has called out the “publicity for my new album” card yet, but we wouldn’t be surprised if some backlash comes about from this. Wonder how Ryan Adams feels to be no longer the concentrated source of Jack White’s wrath. Luckily Ryan was smart enough to stay arms length from Jack “The Jabber” White. Dear Jesus! We can help but feel that we have played some horrible part in re-igniting this rivalry… We know how jealous Jack gets when we start gagging over other bands from Detroit that aren’t the White Stripes or Whirlwind Heat… but even we think he’s gone a bit too far this time. Hey, come to think of it, Jack punched out David Swanson’s front tooth the same night we saw them in San Diego… hmmm… Unbelievable linkage from Whatevs.

Statement from the Von Bondies Management:

Stollsteimer was violently attacked by Jack White of the White Stripes without warning or provocation. White approached Stollsteimer during the concert, physically forcing him against the speakers, and began shouting. Stollsteimer attempted to turn his head [to] face White but refused to engage in conversation. Visibly angered by Stollsteimer’s unwillingness to argue or fight, White spat into Stollsteimer’s face and punched him in the head and face repeatedly. White then forced Stollsteimer to the ground and continued his attack until White was restrained by several crowd members.