We embarrassed ourselves and made people run for the hills by singing karaoke all night long at Jinners early birthday party; Saddam was captured — which we texted to everyone at like 9AM on Sunday; We watched like 3 episodes of “Rich Girls” back-to-back and watched the episode of “Viva La Bam” where they do the scavenger hunt. We no longer have a crush on Bam Margera… but we’ve now got one on Ryan Dunn; We wore 3-inch boots all weekend and now our footsies hurt; Unicorns are special; We discovered that Michael Pitt is modeling fancy accessories with Amber Valetta (Link from Beat Royalty); Justin Timberlake picks only items featuring himself for his Amazon.com Wish List; The Observer puts together a weird Best of 2003 list; Sondre Lerche’s Christmas Countdown still continues. He’s still adorable; NME Strokes gallery; Vote for the 2004 NME Awards (Being held on our day of old).

Ben Lee’s Claire Danes-free Fotolog. Link from Bidi.

Best slogan ever: “Rockstar Helper: Go to Eleven”

Also… We saw the “Hobbits” (AKA – Elijah Wood, Sean Astin, Dominic, and that other guy with the funny accent) at a screening of Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King. The best was when Sean told the story about how Harry Connick Jr. has a snorting problem. Apparently if you make a snorting sound around Harry, he has a Pavlovian dog desire to ALSO make a snorting sound. So he’ll snort back, and then ask you to stop making snorting sounds. Er… But the movie was totally enjoyable! And we only had to pee once through the 3 1/2 hour-long movie. BTW — Anyone who goes to the Beekman Theater on 2nd Avenue and 66th Street, is it just us, or are the women’s toilets INCREDIBLY LOW TO THE GROUND? For about 5 seconds we were trying to figure out if we’d gone into the wrong bathroom and were looking at really weird urinals… that or we were in Italy; Mmm… Viggo.

Music of the moment: Cold Mountain soundtrack, V/A