Well It’s True that We Love One Another

The band everyone loves to hate... Whirlwind Heat
We really need to do a write-up of the White Stripes and Sondre Lerche show(s) we saw… but we’re very lazy.

But we do have the time to say that New York hates Whirlwind Heat. The only applause they garner from the NY audience is when they say “coming up next, The White Stripes” and when David Swanson announces, “This is our last song.” So sad for us… seeing how we’re the only people on the East Coast who like them. That said, we can’t really blame anyone for hating Whirlwind Heat… their live set *can* get a bit tedious and… irritating if you’re not into the music. And it’s not like they’re going out trying to be super-accessible to a cranky post-Autolux crowd.

The first night WH wore some t-shirt we’d never seen before… a black and white picture of a Japanese girl with white Japanese writing on the side. On the 20th they wore white Terry Richardson shirts (someone said they might have spied him in the audience?). That pervy Richardson + WH image was projected in back of them. Needless to say, the crowd wasn’t having any of it and booed them both nights.

Poor Whirlwind Heat. They take a lickin’ and keep on tickin’.