The 13-year-old girl in us reports: “Like, ohmigod! Could Sondre Lerche be any more adorable? He’s like just like totally ohmigod he’s just like SOOOooooOOOo cute!!!! And his music is sooooo cute and good and stuff and everything! I’m like soooo gonna marry him!! Who says romance is dead? Like he’s cute, but he also writes like the cutest things like this ohmigod!!”:

October 07: The Word Girl

This week I am experiencing a certain fixation with the word “girl”. Such a nice word. Perhaps the best in the world? It surely does look good on many occasions and in many various situations. It sounds swell and rhymes with a lot of things, even other girls. And yet I haven’t thought about or – shall we say – mentioned what it means. Girl. Girl, girl, girl. What does it mean? I dare not discuss in public.


I am not sure if I have rhymed girl with world in one of my songs. I must have. Correct me if I am wrong. But if so, I am not ashamed of it. I do approve of every rhyme I make, and I love them for who they are and what I made them to be. But I too have sensed the powers of girl and a whole bunch of other words that come along once you’re in the trap. And so I ask myself: which is the problem? Girl or world?

In cases of hurry girl could get you far, but in retrospect you might regret.

August 25: I Was Just Frontin’

My nights with Liz Phair were a treat to. Speaking to her you realize she still has quite an aura of something, surrounding her. Even when we’re tallking about healthy eating at Whole Foods (which we both love), she makes it sound slightly edgy and sometimes illegal. It’s not, obvioulsly.

And by the way, I saw Justin Timberlake and his fabulous band in front of 1000 people at a small, packed club in NYC. Needless to say, it was fantastic. I think it was some sort of special gig, and most certainly much better than seeing him at a Stadium. Seniorita, Cry Me A River and Like I Love You came out like the best chart hits ever. In other words, just the way they are.


The art world is a-boring-buzz with controversy over the now-infamous “Death” by Jake and Dinos Chapman. Currently on display at the Tate Britain as part of the Turner Prize 2003 exhibit, the piece is basically a pair of bronzed blow-up dolls giving each other oral sex.

The Chapman brothers insist that “Death” is an “intensely moral” work of art that demonstrates how a “non-reproductive sex act – pleasure for pleasure’s sake – is therefore death…” and other artsy-fartsy pseudo intellectual yammering. More on the Turner Prize 2003… Tate Britain Web site.


Over the last few months Britney Spears has consistently made us gay. From her Las Vegas strip show, to her topless Rolling Stone cover, to her pearl-dressed Esquire inset… we were sure we were taking a liking to the ladies. Her latest peep show, an Ellen von Unwerth photoshoot for Q magazine, has left us with no lesbian longings.

Brit in bras and panties? Yawn. Britney with bedroom hair and a heaving bosom? ZZzzzz. She’s shown so much skin in the last month that it no longer fills our hearts with joy to see her in soft core porn. It’s kinda… boring. Maybe if she just dropped kit altogether she could make us gay one last time, but we fear the lesbian in us has died. It’s all this teasing… We can’t take it anymore. If we had balls, they’d be blue by now. Dear lord.

More boring crap on Britney Spears from the New York Times.


Only at MIT does crap like this happen:

Students have been using a test version for months, and Mr. Winstein said the system was still evolving. The prototype, for example, shows the name of the person who is programming whatever 80-minute block of music is playing. Mr. Winstein said he once received an e-mail message from a fellow student complimenting him on his choice of music (Antonin Dvorak’s Symphony No. 8) and telling him “I’d like to get to know you better.” She signed the note, “Sex depraved freshman.”

Mr. Winstein, who has a girlfriend, politely declined the offer, and said he realized that he might need to add a feature that would let users control the system anonymously.

I Want to Be Forgotten, and I Don’t Want to Be Reminded

We found this on someone’s LiveJournal:

“…i also read about miss modernage in the village “best of” issue. ever run into her?…”

“Miss Modern Age is ok. My friend [NAMEWITHHELD] knows her and says she is lametacular. I like the website ok, but she likes a lot of shitty bands too. I don’t know her personally though. Scenester is not a bad description, cause it doesn’t have all that positive a connotation. But kudos on getting in the voice.”

We’d like to confirm the validity of this statement and add that sources close to us have also referred to Miss Modernage as being “retardorific,” “stupidendous,” and “morontastic.” Oh yeah, and practically geriatric.