Memories, Like the Corner of My Mind

About two years ago we were walking to Plant Bar when we saw Peter Sarsgaard and a friend coming down the street. They had just come out of Blockbuster Video with a hefty bag full of tapes. At that time, Peter was still dressing like a poor actor — he was wearing a sweatshirt hoodie and jeans, his hair was a neater version of that long brown wavy hair thing he sported in Boys Don’t Cry. He was hot.

But as you can tell from this New York Times “A Night Out With” article, he’s now gotten into that “Now that I’m over-30 I’m going to wear J Crew sweaters and grow an old-man goatee while I shmooze” phase. Oh Peter, where has the love gone! Where has the Peter of yester-year gone? Pretension doesn’t suit you very well.