It’s vegan love! “To Chris at Teany, hope your birthday is as beautiful as your eyes.” Link from Melody Nelson.

Check out these great pics of Glasto on the Radio 1 site. Link from Hardglitter.



Pianos finally has a Web site! And a party on Tuesday — “Anywhere but Pianos”! Eat that t-shirt makers! Link from Jasper.

Shout out to the peeps in Billsburg! Look — Garbage is still good for nothing: Black Table shows you how to make a trucker hat. Link via Gawker.

Check out your favorite rockers and writers over at the new SPIN online gallery. Currently showing… Field Day 2003.


If anyone has any cool happenin’s for the Fourth of July (or the Fourth of July weekend), please send us an email ( with the name of the event and “*ME LIKE 4TH*” in the subject heading and we’ll put together a list of things to do this holiday weekend. Parties, fireworks, orgies, etc. Thanks!

Jasper has up new photos of The Twenty Twos and Autodrone.

Anyone lose a wallet?

Sunday at the Summerstage Gay Canada show some Canadian girl lost her wallet and somehow Rufus ended up with it. “We didn’t take any of your money, because it’s Canadian,” he announced to the audience in his public service announcement. “If this is your wallet… we have it.” Wonder if she went and got her stuff back… Actually, we really don’t care, we just wanted to post the picture of Rufus looking confused with the wallet. Thanks!

Ours loves free in the park too! Also on Sunday we spotted the lead singer of Ours, leaning on the barricade railing as his lady friend sat down by his feet. He was wearing girl’s jeans and a grey shirt with those pre-made holes up and down the spine and sides. Dude’s got major tats.

Sex and the City” makes designer’s credibility.

Beyonce is our dangerously in love computer wallpaper. We heart Beyonce.