We’re not sure whether the world of music news has come to a grinding halt, or we’ve come to a grinding halt on the world of music news, but there hasn’t been anything exciting to report lately.

So now you get to hear what happened to us this morning :

This morning we awoke to dreary, drab, New York weather. The kind of weather that makes you depressed. A blanketing sheet of blah that sweeps over the city and causes you to drag your feet as you walk (if you’re the type whose mood is affected by the how it looks outside — and we are of that temperament).

So we trudged our way to the elevator to leave for work, got in, pressed *1. On our ride down we picked up a kindly older lady, who was off to do whatever kindly older ladies get up to do at 8:30 in the AM.

Under normal circumstances we would’ve cracked a smile, as our disposition usually is cheery. But today was a blah day, and all anyone was getting was a blah look. So as she stepped in, we barely manage to even give a blah look. It was probably more of a facial manifestation of vacancy more than anything else, which doesn’t actually qualify as a “look” as it does a “state of being.”

Riding on mental auto-pilot, we were disturbed into action as she looked at us, then took a step back and said, “Oh I LIKE that shirt!”

“???” We thought. What shirt were we wearing? Oh yes, the new White Stripes shirt with the man wearing the top hat.

”Oh…thank you,” was the limp response we offered her.

Slowly the dew buds of apathy were sliding off the sides our leaves, but failing to fall off.

“…Do you like… The White Stripes?,” we inquired.

“The what?,” she replied.

“The White Stripes — the name of the band.”

“Oh, it’s a band?”


“Is it — Are you in the band?”

The day of blah prevented us to even scoffingly laugh at this statement.

“No, I’m not in the band.”

We arrived on the ground floor.

“What kind of rock music is it?,” she asked with trepidation in her voice.

“Uhh… just rock ‘n’ roll, blues-ish…”

“Oh I like that kind of rock ‘n’ roll.”

”Yeah, well they’re a great band.”

“Well they sound good!”

“Have a nice day.”

“Thank you.”

The blah day continues.

By the way, we’re in CONCERT DETOX. No non-stop show-going for this month. See us at select engagements like the As Daylight Breaks events and graduation parties. If you’re having a mitzvah, and want to invite us, we’d probably go to that too.