The Strokes and Nigel Godrich part ways. Thanks Hightower!

Look! The Modern Age in Dutch!

Jack ‘n’ Meg in San Diego.

Backstage at the WS Hammerstein show. Link from Triple Tremelo.

Hardglitter reveals Pete Libertines’ passion for 90s warm-up-suit wear. Jinners caught the Libbies at Luxx.

WOODY ALLEN NEVER GRADUATED FROM NYU. Don’t mention his name to any bitter old men in the Film department. ONLY TALK ABOUT SPIKE LEE. HE GRADUATED.

Stranger than Fiction

We can’t even figure out if this is real… but weirder things have happened: Keanu Reeves is in a new band with former Real World: Seattle cast member Rebecca. The name of the band is “Becky.” Apparently playing the Viper Room in LA tonight. Link from Mark.

Squeeze… squeeze… if you’d just move a little to the right we can get everything in the frame.”

Ladies, get your botox appointments now. Prince William may want to spend a couple of years in New York.

On the strength of the booming sales of Elephant, The White Stripes figure they can afford to lose a few fans by employing them to battle SARS.

Winona Ryder tells Liz Smith she’s single and NOT with Conor Oberst of Bright Eyes:

SPEAKING OF entertainment – Winona Ryder said she got a kick out of reading last week’s papers which detailed her love life. One New York tabloid linked her to young Bright Eyes rocker Conor Oberst; another had her linked to Al Pacino after both she and Al appeared at a screening of John Malkovich’s film, “The Dancer Upstairs.”

Winona says actually she is very happy to be single and unattached these days. After a brief stay in NYC, she rushed to L.A. to meet a director about a film project. “I am quite serious about finding the right role and getting back to work after passing on numerous offers,” says the young star.