Dirty on Purpose: Your New Favorite Band that Should Be from Iceland

Here’s a note to the A&R people: Does your label need a Sigur Ros, Mum, Album Leaf, Godspeed You Black Emperor!-type band? Or do you need another one? Well we found you one: Dirty on Purpose. You might consider re-naming them Dop and telling everyone they’re based in Iceland instead of New York in order to maintain some kind of fabricated intrigue, but it’s up to you.

They are UNSIGNED. 2 guitars. 1 bass. 1 singing drummer (think French Kicks pre-Hugh). 1 female keyboardist. One of the guitarists uses a bow, a la Sigur Ros, but he doesn�t have a wonky eye. They’ve got a good live sound, and their look is appropriate for their music. We saw them last night downstairs at the Knitting Factory and thought of you, and how you should check out the mp3s on their site. Because you like music. So to everyone that’s been on our asses about how great Mew is, this one is for you.

We took out our Justin Timberlake Justified album long enough to tell you that Whirlwind Heat’s album, Do Rabbits Wonder? in stores today.

For the unfamiliar — Whirlwind Heat are… noise punk funk? They’ve re-named all the songs on their album as colors… so “Decal: Sticker” (also known as “Decal On My Sticker”) is now called “Tan.” The colors are suppose to convey some kind of emotion or energy associated with the song — and although that sounds pretty pretentious and freshman undergrad-ish, we’ll roll with it.

Produced by Jack White and engineered by Brendan Benson, this labor of love is 100% Michigan. Jack White is obsessed with Whirlwind Heat. (If you look at the liner notes for Elephant the only named thank you is, “David Frozen Swanson” — Moog and singer of Whirlwind. Also Elephant was originally slated with an April 15 release date — which coincided with the Whirlwind release, and they’d end up side-by-side on the record display case — “Whirl” comes pretty close to “White” alphabetically.) Is it the fact that there are THREE band members in the band? (We’re sure it doesn’t hurt.) He’s called them the “new Devo” and we’re pretty sure he’s going to try to make them the princes of the Detroit media empire he appears to be creating.

Ok, so Jack White loves them, should you? Well, yes. If you like off-kilter, distorted, retarded, noisy psycho-jams, then Whirlwind is for you. We think they’re best introduced to the ear as a live band, but if you’re unable to see them on the White Stripes Elephant tour or otherwise, you should definitely pick up Do Rabbits Wonder?, give it a spin, and get informed.


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