Sahara Hotnights interview.

From the Interpol message board (Link from Melody Nelson):

I kid you not: I just got into a cab – 7F32 – and the driver was blasting Turn on the Bright Lights. We’re talking windows down, no divider between front and back, discman hooked in to tape deck, green bandanna on head and rocking out to Roland to be exact when I hailed him down. Unbelieveable. He’s a fan. I told him about this board but he just got email so might not be able to figure it out. Keep your eyes out New Yorkers 🙂

The Kills, Placebo, Yeah Yeah Yeahs in London.

Gallery: Blur @ Bowery Ballroom, March 16, 2003

There are only so many words to describe how messed up Damon Albarn must have been at Sunday’s Bowery show (most of them start with “DRUGS” and end with exclamation points — see some of our posts below). We think this picture pretty much sums it up:

Damon's real BLURrrrry

We were just looking at our pictures from the show, and even we can’t believe stuff like this happened:

He can read!

During “Brothers and Sisters,” Damon stuck it to all those who said Hooked-on-Phonics couldn’t work for him.


Jude Law, no. Damon Albarn, yes.

Damon lost his head

In this picture, Damon Albarn seems to have lost his head. Figuratively and literally.

Pull my finger

Watch out God and Adam — looks like Damon’s taking a stab at being a famous finger holder. We hear he wraps tighter than Chinese handcuffs.