Last Night: The Blurval Schools

Damon Albarn is STILL one hot mother f-er.

Back-flips, crazy “Gollum” moves, Messiah poses… the man was ON DRUGS. No really. ON THE DRUGS. Not a form of expression. ON THE DRUGS. DRUGS. D-R-U-G-S. DAMON ALBARN WAS ON THE DRUGS. ON THE DRUGS. Yes, really. ON THE DRUGS. DRUGS.

More later…

Check out these pics of The Dirtbombs @ The Echo Lounge in Atlanta by Frank Mullen.

Chris Martin does a one-off at “One Big No.” Coincidentally, we call the whole Martin-Paltrow thing by the same name.

“1969” is our favorite Stooges song ever. If the Reunion Stooges play it at Coachella, we might go into a frenzy. “1969” by The Vines, doesn’t produce the same effect on us, but we bet it produces that effect on Craig Vines.

The Flaming Lips not only dig plushies, they dig Jack White (we’re not sure if those two things go in the same category). On their new seven-song single, they have the track “Thank You Jack White (for the Fiber-Optic Jesus That You Gave Me).”