DO YOU RECOGNIZE THIS CONVERSATION? Overheard this weekend at 3am:

Guy: Do you want some?
Girl: What is it?
Guy: Water.
Girl: Ok. ::girl drinks from cup::
Guy: ::takes cup back:: Hey, you don’t have herpes, do you?
Girl: No, but I should have asked you that before I took a sip.

little one eats

Seeing SNL-er Rachel Dratch sitting with 2 lady friends and 2 ultra-orange “tanned” gentlemen 1:30 in the afternoon at Veselka is not the way to spend your Sunday brunch. Yet it happens anyway.

Concert-goers put their lives in danger all the time: “You’re tough. You go to the front where it’s kind of scary, and you feel macho. And the loudness of the music, you take pride that it was so loud and you put up with it. That’s a badge.”

Gwyneth to wed Chris Martin? Say it ain’t so. Link from John.

Yes, the New York Times has used the term “bling-bling quotient.”

The Socialites t-shirt is in the YM with The Donnas on the cover.