The Strokes fan club, Alone, Together is ready, set, go!

Other Strokes news, off the mailing list: “*THE STROKES will be on the cover of SPIN MAGAZINE in December!

*on OCT. 6th the NEW YORK TIMES SUNDAY MAGAZINE will run a photo essay
documenting THE STROKES/WHITE STRIPES show at irving plaza in NYC from
august. “

Is it just me, or do Ryan Adams and Kelly Osbourne have the same haircut?

…and… isnt’ it weird that J.Love’s album is Bare Naked and Aguilera’s is Stripped? Are they tyring to tell us something?

Get ready for your soon-to-be new favorite album… Beck’s Sea Change.

Coldplay. So amazing. Yay. Said Chris on Thursday night: “Everyone thinks we’re miserable bastards because we’re from England, but we’re really happy guys, especially when so many people come see us by the seaside.” Brilliant.

David Gray is back with a new album, A New Day, Oct. 5.