NME tries to make themselves important again… they push for the Ryan Adams Strokes thing.

Coldplay are done recording. Yay.

I went to the Mooney Suzuki thing at Virgin Megastore, bringing along my camera. Sadly I forgot to bring my battery as well. I also forgot earplugs, only later realizing that I had a pair in my pocket. Doh! It just wasn’t meant to be.

The MS rocked the store. It was a little bizarre seeing them play Virgin. Probably my favorite part was seeing the Hasidic Jew standing outside, peering into the madness indoors. He looked sorta confused, but he stayed the whole set, so I guess he liked what he saw.

It’s always a little weird seeing people jam in the Virgin Cafe- but especially interesting to see them climb up on railings, tabletops, chairs, and then climb on people’s shoulders- all the more rocking out. Very fun.

The April 16, 2002 issue of New York has an article on the music scene in New York and “hot new acts.” Features Yeah Yeah Yeahs and The Walkmen. Also name-drops The Strokes, French Kicks, Longwave, Radio 4, Moldy Peaches, etc. Very bizarre.

It hurts to write about them right now because I so zoned into Post-White-Stripes-syndrome, but here are some shots of Starsailor from their March LA show. I’ve forgotten if I’ve seen them before… who can tell with SONIC BOOM? Link from Oli on the SS_fever mailing list.



The guy standing behind me at the show shouted out “I LIKE YOUR ASS!” to Jack about 3 times. Hahahah. 😉

What shaggy-haired movie sidekick was very drunk and very stoned tonight? Blank stare.

What old skool songstress was dancing like a crazy woman in the balcony?

There are others… I just don’t feel like it.

Remember how I said the pictures were crap on Friday? I lied. Today they really were crap. Oh well. Non-gallery anyway.

Oh no he didn’t. Oh yes he did. Ryan Adams covers “Last Night” at his NME 5.0 show.