Random Thoughts about the White Stripes While You’re Still Desperately Trying to Finish Schoolwork

At Friday’s White Stripes show Jack said the audience was “too cool for school,” which is a phrase I’ve been using heavily for the last few months to describe non-reacting hipster crowds.

I missed Saturday Night Live this week because I was too busy jumping up and down to “Jimmy The Exploder” at the Bowery. No big whoop, you might say (The SNL part, not the “JTE” part)? Michelle informed me they did a Jamie Oliver skit. Daaamn.

And I really have to say WHITE STRIPES WEEKEND has been one of the happiest concert weekends of my life. WHITE STRIPES 4EVER AND ALWAYS. VIVA LE WHITE STRIPES. If you have the opportunity to go see them and you don’t- YOU’RE A DAMN FOOL. I can’t stress this enough. GET YOUR ASS IN MOTION AND GET YOURSELF SOME WHITE STRIPE LOVIN’! I don’t care who you have to beg.

My brain has been blown out of my head. I’ve gone White Stripes crazy. How often does something like that happen? I half expect Jack White to spontaneously combust on stage one day- because that’s what it feels like is happening when he starts to play. I’ve lost it. I’m sorry.

Tomorrow Tonight, all I want is… “THE BIG THREE KILLED MY BABY.”