Here is my Peer-to-Peer Review of my assigned weblog, Kristen’s Japan:

From what I can tell, Kristen is an American currently living in- you guessed it- Japan. Her entries are short, her prose is direct and accessible. There doesn’t seem to be a theme to the entries other than they are the daily musings of Kristen’s life in Tokyo. Subjects range from what she ate for dinner last night to her feelings about Japanese escort services.

She keeps the design nice and simple. Although the site is constructed in frames, it doesn’t become cumbersome. The top frame sports a navigation bar and a serene picture of a mountain in the midst of light blue aerial bliss. The bottom half- the actual page with text picks up on the serenity theme and has a gray-blue background while the text is white. It’s easy to read off of the screen. Just from this layout/design alone you get the sense that Kristen is not only at peace with her surroundings (or trying to be) but also she is at peace with herself.

Entries date back to 2000, so there’s plenty to read when you pop over. Sometime in 2001 Kristen appears to have discovered the joy of digital images- using them to visually illustrate or represent the topic of her discussion for that day. She updates pretty frequently, so anyone who wants their daily dose of American-in-Japan lifestyle will probably find Kristen’s Japan an interesting little corner of the Web world.

On a semi-related note- a while back I was discussing with Ria the potential P2P reviews I might get… the might go something like this:

The Modern Age is written by a college-age student named Laura. I really don’t understand anything that she’s talking about- I don’t really listen to that much music, or any of THAT music… there seems to be some weird music-geek language in effect. It’s like reading a French novel that has been translated into Japanese then re-translated into Russian and then translated into English. In a word: indecipherable. Who can follow it? By the third or fourth mention of whatever Starsailor is I gave up and started to cry in the corner while balled up in the fetal position. Lord help us all.

Best Show EVER!

The crowd was into it so Jack didn’t have to yell at us for the lack of clapping. There was even one point where everyone was screaming out “YEAH!” in unison… about 7 times with guitar breaks for Jack. Loads of dancing- a bit of moshing. Fun was had by all.

Bo Weevil! Apple Blossom! Rated X! Astro! Jimmy The Exploder! You’re Pretty Good Looking! Hello Operator! Little Bird! Fell In Love With A Girl! Hotel Yorba! And many many more!