The White Stripes 4Ever!

Astro! Jack The Ripper! I Think I Smell A Rat! Hotel Yorba! Jolene! You’re Pretty Good Looking! Dead Leaves On The Dirty Ground! Fell In Love With A Girl! Screwdriver! Rated X! Hello Operator! We Are Going To Be Friends! Union Forever! And many many more…!

Approx. 65 minutes of WHITE STRIPE PLEASURE.

Sadly I was standing on the wrong side… so the pics are crap. Oh well.

Hey- Jack White has a dimple on his left cheek… like James Walsh and Fran Healy… He also has bronchitis- but that’s just him.

I also might have been the only person who actually liked the Datsuns.

And yes, rock world celeb sightings occurred. It’s up to you to figure out who they were…

Rock ‘n’ Roll!

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