Starsailor and Random Village Voice Links

Watch out.. Starsailor on MTV again: “This half hour special highlights all the action surrounding MTV’s Campus Invasion 2K2, hitting college campuses across the country with performances by Nickelback, Default and Injected on the main stage, and Starsailor on the MTV2 stage.” Starting on April 8 @ 6:30PM, airing again on the 9th and the 12th @ 9AM and 1PM, respectively.

A review of Plaid from The Village Voice. BTW- I think Plaid is in the new issue of Index or something.

Also in the Voice, a Super Furry Animals article that starts out pretty damn hilarious, in my humble opinion… “On TV and in the magazines, nothing but nonstop coverage of Gruff, Dafydd, Huw, Guto, and Cian and their various doings . . . wait, I’m thinking of U2. And uggh, I hate U2! Maybe SFA haven’t donated a billion dollars to the UN like Bono has (or was that Tina Turner?) or pushed legislation that would ban the electric spanking of war babies, but still.”

Unexplainable rambling rules, don’t it? It doesn’t? What? Wait. Stop. Stop reading this site then. In any case, props to the dude who wrote the article. Yeah Scott Seward… respect. I wholeheartedly recommend this article… even if you don’t like SFA. But hey man- who doesn’t love “Juxtaposed With U”?

I can’t believe how lazy I was yesterday. I was so lazy I didn’t pull any practical jokes for April Fools. Bah. There’s always next year.

Isn’t it sad when the tea and cake suffer because of a row? At least put it to use and throw it at each other. Joely Richardson and Jamie Theakston have a go at it.

New band pics of Dplan from

David- sorry for ever doubting you, bro- The Nelson Twins are INDEED Matthew and Gunner.

Ed Harcourt on American TV: “ED ON MTV
Check out Ed Harcourt on MTV’s
‘You Hear It First.’ The program is
scheduled to air tomorrow, Wednesday
April 3, at the following times:

2:50am, 3:50am, 4:50am, 5:50am,
6:50am, 7:50am

1:15am, 3:15am, 5:15am, 7:15am, 11:15am,
1:15pm, 6:15pm”