Look at the purty pictures from SXSW from PooPooChooChoo. Check out The Shins, The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Spoon, Clinic, etc…Link from the always brilliant Travelers Diagram.

Don’t think this will happen tonight, but I can attest to the truth of most of these 17 Most Hated Aspects of Concert-Going (Link from Catherine). Number 8 always pisses me off. WHO IS THAT GUY? And Number 9.

…And yes, Number 11 made me think for a second… and then I realized that this list is only funny when you’re not one of the numbers. So basically this list sucks my ass. Hahaha. No, really. I’m not Number 11, I don’t think… ahem. After all, I don’t use a flash most of the time. I mean I could stop taking pictures if it’s a problem or whatever. But you know what? I don’t really care. You’re just lucky I’m not a combination of any of the other 16… or am I? Uh oh. Maybe this list really does suck. Am I talking too much? What did I just write? Where am I? Who are you?

Whatever, Number 17 is still funny:

17. The wannabe rock star:
He’s not a musician; he only dresses like one. He comes to each show disguised as the lead singer from the band playing that night. “Is that the guy from Dashboard Confessional?” “No dude, I think that’s Ryan Adams.” He’s usually alone (pouting dutifully), or with a group of folks dressed as the remaining members of the band. His girlfriend resembles Liza Minnelli on crack, and his hair is meticulously styled to look like it hasn’t been combed in months. No one who isn’t on a stage, posing, with an instrument in his hands, has any business wearing pants that tight. I usually try to imagine these people buying groceries or doing laundry in their rock star threads, but it’s futile since they don’t exist outside of the rock venue. (mh)

P.S. Listening to The Bee’s “You Got To Leave” EP confirms that they’re great.

The Strokes kick off their UK tour in Glasgow… and Ewan McGregor was there! Aw. Also, you can vote for them for the “best band in suits” over at R1.

The R1 Quote of the Week is particularly relevant in light of recent events: Helen D said: “The guy from Ash can’t sing, but I still like him – I wouldn’t kick him out of bed for eating crackers.” Tim, you be fine.

The Guardian takes on manufactured pop. Why are always so angry about this?

Whoah. How the hell did WNYU manage to get Clinic to do an interview with them on April 4?? Listen in at 6PM.

In other radio news, The White Stripes will be on Cane and Cabbie’s show on KROCK here in NYC on April 5- scheduled to perform “Fell In Love With A Girl.” The Cane and Cabbie show airs 2-6PM EST.

Off of the KROCK site- Grandmaster Gorillaz doodler Jamie Hewlett lets on that if you didn’t see Gorillaz live during their US tour, you probably never will… “This is probably the last time you’ll ever see them live… the one and only time. And then we’ll go on to something else. I mean they might play live to the film… they might play score live, do you know what I mean. It’s not a band, it’s not gonna kind of become U2.” Don’t worry, you didn’t miss anything. It was lame.

You know, The Soundrack of Our Lives played the Mercury Lounge while I was away in London. Did no one go to this show???? How was it?

Music of the moment: From Here on In, South; “Nicole,” Ash