Notes from the Charlatans Boards

Just because I feel like posting about it, Derek from the Charlies board writes about the Philly show last night:

its all over now baby blue was much better tonight than in ny on tuesday. the charlatans were having all sorts of problems with their moniters. there were sound guys running around the stage for much of the set. first it was marks then it was johns at one point tim walked off the stage to yell at the sound dudes. i asked one of the sound guys what happened afterwards, and he said couple moniters crapped out. u could tell they were all pissed about it. before sproston green, tim came out and said a lot of stuff i couldnt understand, but the jist of it was we are sorry for the bad gig. the thing was, it wasnt bad at all, it was incredible. starsailor was 100 times better than they were in irving. it was tonys birthday, and right before the encore started james from starsailor came out with a cake and gave it to him, and right as he was about to go wild in sproston green, james came out again and draped a happy birthday banner on the organ.