Mission Starsailor: Accomplished!

James Walsh, Lead vocals, guitar; Starsailor
Les, guitar tech; Starsailor
Tim Burgess, Lead vocals; Charlatans

So did you figure out I got into the Charlatans with Starsailor show? Uh huh.

The show? Starsailor was so ON. The Chars were fun. It got good when everyone started moshing toward the end.

Quote of the day: From a completely SMASHED Barry Westhead’s dialogue with Jenn:

Jenn: James ate 3 of these candies
Barry: You know why? Because he’s a fat bastard! … ::looks behind:: He’s not around, is he?

Word- Starsailor, Irving Plaza, March 5, 2002. Tickets on sale now. $16.50. Also, listen for the band doing “Good Souls” on KROCK today at 1:30PM.

On the way back to my apartment, some drunk guy in my building got in the elevator, followed me off and proceeded to follow me down the hallway as he mumbled incoherent blather. I started to walk faster, hoping that he wouldn’t catch up with me before I could shut the the door in his face. I succeeded.

Speaking of incoherent blather….EW Kelly Jones! Who do you think YOU are? The Strokes rock harder, faster and better than your stupid band. Hey- aren’t I seeing the ‘Phonics next week? Hahah.

In local concert news… Friday March 29, 2002: French Kicks and The Vue. Brownies. $10. Sunday February 3, 2002: The Faint/special guests. Maxwell’s. $12.

This Friday is Beck day on WFUV…. more radio news… John Peel is obsessed with D-Town. That’s right- a D-Town docu!

Music of the moment: “You’re So Pretty, We’re So Pretty,” The Charlatans, “The Way Young Lovers Do,” Starsailor