From the Desk of Guy Garvey

From the Elbow mailing list:

28 January 2002
Help Guy find his missing notebook
You’ll be the source of their notebook…

This just in – Elbow’s Guy Garvey is even more sad and pissed off than
usual, because he’s lost his notebook. Damn.

Said compendium contained all the lyrics for Elbow’s next album, amongst
other writings, and is thus very important to the band. For poor Guy
cannot be spittin’ his writtens when he can’t remember them. And thus
the album will suffer. And thus you shall also.

“I am sadder than a man who thought his girlfriend had given him a
special chocolate gateau for his birthday, only to take a bite and
discover it was baked donkey shit, and poisoned baked donkey shit at
that,” said Guy, possibly. Either way, he’s desperate to get it back,
and is offering a reward to the person that returns it.

If you, gentle reader, know of the notebook’s whereabouts, please be
nice and call Elbow on 0161 953 4081. God will love you for it and
you’ll go to Heaven. And if you don’t you’ll go to Hull. Or Bury.