Stream of Conciousness Babbling

Ok, the “Last Nite” video is on again… I think I’m watching M2, but I’m not sure… I just saw Starsailor “Good Souls” too. But I wasn’t gonna write about that, but the video came on so I ended up mentioning it and this is when I realize I’m completely babbling. But as you can see by the photographic evidence over at Combustication (Check the Jan 26th post), BRMC has taken over London- plastering “Love Burns” everywhere. The limeys fall for it hard… BRMC is the next next big thing… 2 steps behind the Strokes to super-british-rockdom. Ok, fine, whatever. They’re ok. They work it. Although it’s a little disturbing Cute Drummer (Nick, I think most people call him) isn’t playing with them… you know, due to that “smuggling cocaine” problem. I hate when that happens.

But I think I need to talk about another one of those upcoming Brit band (yeah, like I don’t talk about British people enough). Anyway, I’ve mentioned them before, but I’m gonna go ahead and mention them again because their album is coming out very soon, and their first single has just been released. Haven, ladies and gents, has a really lovely song called “Say Something” that’s becoming quite popular, I think… Sorta sensitive, wussy brit rock like Coldplay meets… um… it’s a little more “rocky” than Coldplay so I’d say mix in a little… uh.. I don’t know. Meets Starsailor and a little Travis? Am I starting to scare some people off right there? It’s sorta rock ballad-ey or whatever. But it’s pretty. I’ll keep an eye out. They play London’s Dingwalls March 6, damnit. Why am I not in London this semester?

The Air remix album, Everybody Hertz is out Feb 19… just one week after my birthday. *Hint hint*