Shooting From the Hip

aussies on the subway
Bway and 8th street

Just so you know, New Yorkers be alert! I shoot from the hip- anywhere and everywhere- inspired by the great Lomo tradition.

Alyse is so cool. She knows why.

The Strokes vid is on MTV and no one else is up for me to tell. It’s been so long since I’ve seen it. Shit. It’s so late I’m starting to find the new Alanis song tolerable. Help!

Finally, I can sleep in peace. Ahem… to my London roommie- THE SONG I WAS TRYING TO SING WAS “SPACEMAN” BY BABYLON ZOO!!!! Eternally grateful to Simon.

Hey man! Slatch is up for a Bloggie!!! Go and show the love. WE HEART SLATCH!

The title of Damian Loeb’s latest photo gallery has an interesting reference. Ahem. Yeah. Ok. Can you guess? That’s right Virginia, El Strokes.