A Day of Travis

WTF? Check out the “music” section. Link from Michelle.

HEEeeeeyyyy. I used to play this game sans computer last year. It all started with… “If I had to pick a member of Travis who reminded me of Neil Vickers, it would be… Fran Healy.” But I am devastated I’m not Andy Dunlop… I should have picked anything involving alcohol and “drunk” more often…

Which Travis Member Are You?

In Dougie-related news, check out the totally AWESOME new issue of Shout Magazine w/ Kelly MacDonald on the cover! How cool is that? We love Kelly Mac! And we also love Shout, which is turning out to be one of the best local magazines around.

Which reminds me of the time I saw Kelly… it was 2000? Outside the NBC studios. A very tall lanky guy wearing a Rangers jersey was coming toward us and walked by. As soon as he walked by I stopped walking and everyone kinda looked at each other. Yup, it was Dougie Payne. The small hooded girlie next to him was Kelly Mac. Aw.

For all the cool cats in London, head over to Cargo for this D. Gray event! I’m not sure if it’s that D. Gray… but it might be? Er.. maybe not.. but maybe? I don’t know. Whatever, just go to Cargo anyway.: “SUNDAY 27.01 – DAVID GRAY PHOTO EXHIBITION LAUNCH PARTY
David Gray launches his urban cultural photo exhibition joined by
friends on the decks playing funk grooves & boogie beats
6pm – 12pm

All you ever wanted to know about… random stuff about London.