Rolling Stone’s Latest Picks and Pans

Check Starsailor (dude- Walsh “brings the madness”), Clinic AND the Yeah Yeah Yeahs (can you believe the locals made it?!) in Rolling Stone’s “10 Bands You Need To Know” list. “Alias” cover. Dang. Please look past the Hoobastank and Andrew WK.

Rolling Stone also tips their hats to The Shitty Beatles. Word. But they hate Starsailor. Dang. But remember how they also hated Ryan Adams? Word. Also finally mentioned British Sea Power. Whatever. I should write this column.

Image trouble for the black-haired guy of Savage Garden. He’s gone back to his lighter-colored locks, causing Aussies to ask, “do we still have to admit that Savage Garden came from here even though they don’t exist anymore?”

Someone on a WS group posted a little snippy that some Aussie paper printed on Monday about Jack White and some guy in Kosheen getting into some ruffian behavior over some girl at an Auckland hotel bar on Friday. Hahahahah.