Memories, Like the Corner of a Broken Drumstick

A little change of scenery… D-town style, courtesy of a German website, Circonium.

Oh, and James Walsh has girl-hair… I mean in a good way, you know? Oh forget it. Thanks Alyse.

When I read Brad Barrish’s dis on people who wear the band t-shirt to the shows, memories of The Vanderbilt came rushing back toward me… then stabbed me with a broken drumstick. But in reference to the review of the JJ72/Stereophonics outing in LA, JJ’s not that bad… I have Placebo circa Without You I’m Nothing meets Muse Origin of Symmetry moments. Is that good? I’m not sure, but it’s familiar.

The ‘Phonics on the other hand….eeeeeeh…… I’m not one for the JEEP (even though I mysteriously own it… at least I’ve listened to it 3 times? which is more than I can say about Performance & Cock- the infamous ‘Phonics CD I bought in 1999 and didn’t open until Dec 2000… and didn’t listen to until 2001. I think).