Close Encounters of a Walkmen Kind

So today I was in Other Music and I headed over toward the S-W section, walking between this girl that worked there and some guy. So the girl goes over to the Ws and starts talking about The Walkmen. She reads the description that’s on the little piece of paper about the EP. So it’s all good stuff and whatever and she’s like “and it’s all true” and the guy nods, and I’m like “yeah, The Walkmen are really good.” He’s like “thanks… I put out that record.” I’m like “Oh. Cool. Yeah, they’re real good.” He’s like, “yeah, they’re playing on the 26th.” I’m like, “Yeah, I know… put me on the list, man! Hahahha.” He mumbled something and I didn’t hear, so I was like “what?” He mumbled again and I just was like, “Um ok.” Then I heard the StarTime dude and the girl talking about The French Kicks and also about a possible Walkie in-store when the LP comes out (March 26). Hmmm….

Incidentally, check the new Walkie mp3, Revenge Wears No Wristwatch they got up at ST.

What’s the deal with the Weezer tribute album?

Music of the moment: “Into the Void,” NIN