Hyper Awesome News

Does anyone have a spare to the Starsailor/Charlatans Irving Plaza show next week? Email me.

From the Strokes board: “Ryan Adams references The Strokes Posted 1-22-2002 15:47. Just saw an amazing show by Ryan Adams. There was a big blue neon “BAR” sign at the back of the room, and he commented ‘hey, it looks like a Strokes’ light show back there, all the silhouettes.'”

after leaving a concert at madison square garden, i saw two men on the sidewalk. one had flashlight under his chin while he distorted his face, and the other was yelling to the crowd “FREE SCARY FACE!”, then quietly repeating “just kidding”.
needless to say it was the highlight of my night.

Catch other equally funny/horrifying/embarrassing moments over at Lowbrow. Link from Betsy , who has a cool new layout!

In sneaker news… A historical look at Chucks via the Smithsonian… link courtesy of Jen.

Prefix of the week: hyper. Example: “Ewan McGregor is hypercute.”