Tenacious D @ Virgin Megastore Union Square

Photographic evidence of the mania:

I think I see something
That sign says 'We want you to fuck us softly'

JB gives the evil eye

another satisfied customer!

Some dude asked if he could videotape this girl’s chest. So he was taping…I saw an opportunity. “Can I take a picture of your chest?” I asked. She was only too happy to oblige stating to her friend, “See, it’s not just guys. Girls are asking to take pictures too.”

I think the D did like 3 or 4 songs (“Hornet’s Nest,” “Tribute” being some of them)… JB said they’d sign boobs and booty (I forget the exact terms he used), so as you can see, some people took it literally. Don’t worry, I didn’t put up the picture of some guy getting his gut signed. I spared you the pain.