Starsailor Is Totally Over the Strokes

Daaaaaaaaaamn. The Gig of the Year sold out in 5 minutes… (or NME could also be lying… NME lie? NEVER!)

Uh oh. Maybe James Walsh is getting really pissed off about everyone asking him about the Strokes… *Ahem*. I should probably stop doing that to every band that comes to New York. From NME:


STARSAILOR’s JAMES WALSH has been perfecting his impression of THE STROKES during his band’s US tour.

During their recent San Francisco Fillmore stop (January 15) Starsailor were plagued by shouts for the band to play ‘Last Nite’. “This bloke is talking about a show we had in Birmingham where we played ‘Last Nite’ by The Strokes,” he said. “But I’m not playing another Strokes song until they cover one of ours. Could you imagine?”

Walsh, reports, then strapped his guitar very high on his chest in the style of Strokes’ guitarist Albert Hammond Jr and spat and drawled his way through ‘Lullaby’ in what was seen to be an impression of The Strokes’ front man Julian Casablancas.

Starsailor are currently supporting The Charlatans on their US tour. The Strokes will be the musical guest when actor Jack Black hosts Saturday Night Live this weekend (January 19).

Alan Vega’s Collision Drive” at Deitch Projects… a maybe.

Did y’all catch JJ72 on Kilby last night? If not, locals can catch them in the flesh next month: “Big up the NYC massive:

Catch a free in-store performance of JJ72 at the Virgin Megastore in Union Square on February 8th. After the set the band will stick around to meet fans and sign autographs. TIME: 6pm”

Oh yeah, Jack Black and The Strokes on SNL tonight. Duh.

Music of the moment: “Music,” Erick Sermon feat. Marvin Gaye; “October Swimmer,” JJ72; Untitled Song from the Bowery show, Starsailor [Please Download this song!!!]