Whoops, Did I Fall Asleep During Starsailor?

Hi, I’m retarded and I have no recollection of James singing this song at the Bowery show. Apparently it’s an original.. and James DID play harmonica during the “acoustic bit.” Shit. He did sing this, didn’t he?

Starsailor on the MTV: “MTV is scheduled to feature the band in a segment on their show BANGING THE CHARTS, which will air at 5 PM (ET) this Friday, January 18.”

And The D: “NYC D Fans! Meet The D On 1/21!
Tenacious D will be doing an in store
at the Virgin Megastore in Union Square
this Monday January 21 at 3pm.
Monday is Martin Luther King, Jr. Day,
so spend the day by coming
on down to see the D perform
and get them to autograph your album!”