The Moldy Peaches and Realistics Photos Are Up!

the hulkamania dance
The Moldy Peaches and The Realistics from January 12, 2002 gallery is up and running.

Todd Gitlin alert… Americans feel pain too.

Are you between 16 and 24… years of age, that is? Yes? Are you fond of fat tongues? Yes? Do you like to be on TV? Yes? Well giddy-up! Jamie Oliver is looking for impressionable young minds to mash into little balls of mush, using the remains to feed his gargantuan evil food empire. I mean… he’s looking for guinea pigs to use and slave labor at his new restaurant… I mean he’s having a contest to find 10 “trainees.”

Yes, that’s what I meant to say in the first place. Get your shit together- deadline is Feb. 8th.