Take the Radiohead Collective Member Test.

Dear holy mother of god. Shoot these people.

I love when people randomly mention The Strokes… uh.. randomly. I mean not really randomly, b/c he was there to see the show but it was random because… oh forget it.

Hey wait a minute… is D Plan obscure? The NY Times says so…

I randomly found out about housing at UCL.

Random link of the day is… Tarsh Fletcher.

I was watching A Clockwork Orange and I forgot that in that scene where… oh… uh… if you’ve never seen it, don’t read this part… In that scene where Alex is back at that house, the old man goes, “You’re a victim of the modern age.” Then Julian goes and gets the door. I find that creepy. Yes.

Oh my god. Beatnik Pad is so beautiful.

Jesus. I’m having a Ranch 1 craving. Help! It’s too far to walk to Union Square!

London london london… and Edinburgh… and Bath…

Woah.. trippy.

Yay Europe. I’ve got some travel pics of my own… you’ll see ’em once they’re sorted.

Woah.. anyone else get emo fever when they head over to Girls Suck? I’m hoping they know boys also suck. And HEY- ROBBIE WILLIAMS MUSIC IS NOT GAY, whatever fucked up chick said that. I mean that is if I’m reading this correctly and.. um… the GIRL was saying Robbie Williams was gay and… um.. not the boy saying it. You know that I had a moment where I had to think “oh my god, could this be me?” and then I realized I like Robbie Williams and I didn’t tell any boys that their music was gay in the begining of December… at least I don’t think so…Aww.. but the layout is so darn cute.

Music of the Moment: Rufus Wainwright, Rufus Wainwright