OH. MY. GOD. MTV is showing old Jackass episodes again. Yay!

Also, look out for Franny on MTV Cribs. Bless.

Brian presents a great example of how to display COMPLETE AND UTTER SPITE. It’s the kind of thing you feel like doing sometimes, isn’t it? Rock on!

You know, all these British people are all on about Friends Reunited. Ok, whatever.

How freaking cool is this? Photos and Trust. What could be greater?

Sniff… I miss Scotland.

A Strokes make-over gone wrong?

Yay photologs!

And for those of us who don’t know what a JAP is.. there ya go…. oh and also how to decode boys… see “boy in the band” ya music geeks.

Brient is the random link of the day.

Look, other NYU people re-discover Ray of Light while on break!

Also, I found the title of this entry by Andy unforgivably funny (is that good or bad? Good, I think).. January 12, Bowery… who else is going? Let me know. Boo-yah!

Linkies from Bryan. (Oh shit, I just realized Bryan also wrote “boo yah,” but he did it yesterday therefore making it look as though I followed suit, but I swear to god, I write Boo-yah often… and with a hyphen.)

I was too lazy to go to Guam and dine w/ David and pals. Sorry.

The last day at work…

Took the LIRR in
Got on one of those double-decker LIRR trains! So exciting

Go through Penn
Going through Penn

TP Headquarters
TP Headquarters

The fashion people know how to keep house
The fashion people know how to keep house


My desk
My desk… notice The Strokes and Coldplay on the window? How did those get there?

The Wall of Random Shit
The Wall of Random Shit

Hot gossip… what lovely too young to be married anyway British actor is calling it quits with his betrothed? MMMMmmm…

Gearing up for Starsailor week… Be nice to them, USA! They already have enough people slagging them off in the UK.


SHIT SHIT SHIT.. I just fainted.. RYAN ADAMS FOR BEST ROCK ALBUM. Having. Trouble. Breathing. Also best Male Country Vocal…

They’re all nominated for other stuff too… check it.

In weird Canadian rocker meets Alt-Country rocker news… Bryan and Ryan Adams meet. R. Adams is dissed by B. Adams. Canadians cheer but wonder, “when was the last time Bryan Adams had a ‘work commitment’?” And can we maybe pitch out a guess that a certain flaming queen will appear in the new vid? Hmmm… I wonder.

In kitty news- KITTIES ATTACK MOBY IN A STREET FIGHT! Ok, not really, but Moby wasn’t exactly a feline’s friend of late.

And most unimportantly, in Boy Band news, Nick Carter makes an ass of himself. Wait- that’s not news at all….

In Yeah Yeah Yeahs news:

Tuesday, Jan 15 @ Luxx in Brooklyn
our pals, The Candy Darlings’ last show! ever!
for this occasion-we will be playing under the name
“The Black Lashes”, and will be doing all covers. any
suggestions are welcome, but hurry.

In the dear lord category, Robbie hits the cinemas with Nobody Someday in the UK and Eire.

Hey, is the NME talking about that WS/HG track I have been listening to for the last month? I dunno…

In Aussie pop news, Kylie is getting a US release in February. Gayboys around the States squeal with glee then throw away their Madonna cowboy hats in favor of gold lame hot pants. Oh Kylie, I can’t get you outta my head!

And who decided Julian Casablancas was a hearthrob? Oh yeaaah… a bunch of British people.

Um… Oh, I watched St. Elmo’s Fire tonight.. Yeah, I still don’t know what I want to do with my life. (Rob Lowe looks so cute in the film! And I still don’t get Judd Nelson.. never will.. and Sheedy is so innocent… who knew she’s grow up to be a coke-head lesbian?)