I was just reading Greg’s site and I was thinking, would it be dope to write “2K2” as the date all the time? Like “January 1, 2K2”? I dunno.

Also, you know you’re really stupid when you’re driving home on New Years’ and you’re telling a drunk Jen that you’re gonna go back to the city next week and she asks, “What’s today’s date?” and you say, “I dunno.” and then SHE SAYS BEFORE YOU DO, “January 1st, duh.” Daaaamn. Maybe she should have been driving. Probably better judgement.

I totally heart Starsailor and their cover of Bill Withers “Grandma’s Hands.”

Awwww… James hearts David Kitt and The Strokes!

21/11/01 – James’s Top Ten of 2001

James Walsh yesterday revealed his top Ten albums of 2001 to ‘Allstar‘, they are as follows.

1. Charlatans U.K., Wonderland
2. Ed Harcourt, Here Be Monsters
3. Spiritualized, Let It Come Down
4. Elbow, Asleep in the Black
5. Ryan Adams, Gold
6. Mercury Rev, All Is Dream
7. The Strokes, Is This It
8. David Kitt, The Big Romance
9. Travis, The Invisible Band
10. Amen, We Have Come For Your Parents

David Gray Mailing List – HACKED!

Um.. I think someone hacked the David Gray mailing list… That’s kinda of sad:

From: webmaster@davidgray.com

Subject : maillist owned by somebody

Date : Tue, 1 Jan 2002 00:17:53 GMT

davidgray.com is really sux..
and maillist owned by me
so sux privacy