It’s a Berliner!

I enjoy Peter Stemmler. Sometimes he does portraits of famous people… other times it’s just naked ppl… curiously- usually chicks… but we also like Krispy Kreme.

Check out the freakin’ Soap Machine. So funny (and NOT office- friendly- be warned)!

Actually.. come to think of it, there are a LOT of naked cartoon women on that Quick Honey site. Jeez…

Speaking of doughnuts, I got pictures back from Berlin (um.. yeah.. almost a year later) and there was a picture of me eating a doughnut, and I’m trying to explain to Jen and Debbie that there must be some reason why I’m eating a doughnut, but I can’t remember why it’s suppose to be funny. Jen quietly peeps, “It doesn’t have anything to do with Eddie Izzard, does it?” I stop and think and scream out, “YES IT DOES! THAT IS A BERLINER!! AHAHHAHAHAHA!” So there is a picture of me eating a Berliner… you know… in Berlin. And that’s funny, you know?

Hawhawhaw… What? You don’t know the KennedyI am a doughnut” speech? Dear lord, get yourself some Eddie Izzard “Dressed to Kill.”< Indie update... for those who care, Le Tigre @ Warsaw (That’s in Brooklyn, kids!), just announced 2 nights – a benefit – Jan 24/25

Word up to the D-town hommies! Did I mention how I want that t-shirt Phil Hoffman wears as Lester Bangs in Almost Famous? I think I might have mentioned it… it says “DETROIT SUCKS.” I find it amusing. You know, ’cause its… Phil.. and AF and.. it’s funny.

Neil Marcus is at it again (that music freak!) this time it’s Blues and 60’s Rock (whatever that means) and The Stripes are on top! Take THAT, you elfin Icelandic crazy woman who charges 75 dollars for her shows!

Oh, finished About A Boy. I liked it. It’s not High Fidelity, but still enjoyable. I so don’t see Hugh Grant as Will (but YEAH Toni!). I love how you can finish a Hornby book in one day.