Sleepy for the Holidays

I was doing random searches, and found an archived Yeah Yeah Yeahs show… and hey- it was one that I was at! No one tells me that my whoops and howls are being recorded. $10 to anyone who can identify my yelling. Forget what The Hives want you to believe… The Yeah Yeah Yeahs are your new favorite band. And they’re not weird Swedes.

Also, I tried to make the holiday mix CD last night (with that adorable “It’s True We Love One Another” on it… you really have to hear that song… I guess that’s if you like lyrics that say, “Well I love Jack White like a little brother”) and it APPEARED to burn on the cd, but when cd was placed in qu’est-ce que c’est?… ah yes, the CD player, it had nothing on it. I kicked some things then went to sleep at 6am … setting my alarm for 8:45, so I could tape the BBMak thing on MTV.

I woke up at 11:30, totally missing BBMak and being tragically late for lunch at grandma’s.

I wonder why I don’t have normal sleeping patterns… ah yes… vacation… No… I’m just weird like that all the time. Oh.

I slept through most of today’s holiday festivities because I was so tired. No one bothered to wake me when we had cake. They just let me lay there on the couch and then my uncle took digital pictures of me sleeping, putting them up on the TV screen and everyone else just stood around and laughed. Ah.. what Christmas would be complete without the family gathering around the television screen and mocking you?


Now it’s raining. I’m dreaming of a slushy Xmas…

Music of the Moment: (CDs I left at home… but some of the select few I brought with me) Real People Are Overrated, The Realistics; Ray of Light, Madonna; De Stijl, The White Stripes (Thanks Jenn!!!!!)