Just Say “No” to Pretension

In the thinking corner this morning… as the New Year approaches, many of us start to think about our New Year’s Resolutions. With this in mind, I think it’s appropriate to bring up something that has recently come to my attention. As part of an on-going series on pretension, let’s examine this phenomenon that seems to constantly plague the world of music.

If you like something you are pretentious. If you don’t like everything you are pretentious. You’re pretentious if you like some things but not others based on some pretentious criteria. If you have no criteria you are pretentioius. You are pretentious if you say you’re pretentious. You’re pretentious if you don’t say you’re pretentious. If you say everyone is pretentious, you’re pretentious. If you say those people are pretentious, you’re probably pretentious yourself.

And the beat goes on…


It’s like a dog chasing after its own tail.

What did Phil Hoffman as Lester Bangs say in Almost Famous? “Don’t let them glorify worthless garbage like rock ‘n’ roll”… or something like that.

Watch Untitled it’ll make you feel better. Rock on.